Increasing front travel from 110 to 120mm?


I’ve had a chance to digest your RideLogic bike setup method and calculations (RideLogic Bike Setup System), and my bike is dialed.

One last geo question for you. While not directly related to your calcs, I’m looking to upgrade my fork to a Pike and the nearest stock size to mate with my 2013 Camber Comp is 120 mm. My Camber model came spec’d with a 110 mm Reba. I’m wondering if the Pike’s additional 10 mm of travel would noticeably throw off my bike’s geometry? My goal isn’t really to add 10 mm of travel, but rather to upgrade to a much better fork. To stick with 110 mm likely means a special order or having to order a non-standard airspring. Thoughts?



I’m glad the RideLogic Bike Setup System got you dialed. I’m proud of how logical and simple the approach is.

I ran a 120mm FOX 34 on my Camber, and it worked great. The 34 was about 22 mm taller than the stock 110mm FOX 32 fork (the burlier forks have more travel and thicker crowns). This slackened the head angle by about one degree, which is nice for shredding, and raised the bottom bracket something like 8mm, which was helpful on rocky climbs.

The bike was very good stock. It was a great with the FOX 34 and a full Shimano XTR group.

You’ll probably enjoy the increased front travel. The Pike is a fine fork, but if you really want to upgrade, look into a FOX 34 with FIT4 damper. My cartilage-free shoulders are excellent indicators of violence, and the FOX absorbs impacts in a way the Pike doesn’t.


Know more. Have more fun!

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