I need help in flat turns!

Hey Lee,
I was on your site a while back with places to ride your DH bike. Anyway I purchased a Demo 7 1. I can rail berms — Kessel Run in Fruita was incredible. I pull myself forward and down in berms — works great — but when I try this in flat corners I get all balled up. Especially in right turns. I ride left foot forward if that helps. I tighten up, can’t barely make it and usually end up in a bush. What am I doing wrong?

Cornering: Drilling the basics

Hey Paul,

I’m stoked you’re having fun. I’m gonna give it to you straight:

Any moron can rail a berm, especially on such a capable bike.

Flat turns require real skill, and it sounds like you’re doing a lot wrong. It’s time to learn and master the core riding skills.

In order of effectiveness:

– Take one of my clinics. As I recall, you live in this area.

– Read Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. If you won’t spend the money, read it at your local library.

– Look on this site. The Skills/Training section contains 209 articles (now 210), and I’ve covered most of the basics.

Here’s a good one: Cornering: Drilling the basics

When you learn to corner like this you’ll avoid most of (but never all) the bushes.


— Lee

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