How do you define “light stunts?”

Can you define light stunts??? It would be cool to understand bike companies’ idea of light stunts as not to void warranty!

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Hey John,

I’m sure every bike company has its own idea on this, but here’s my opinion on light stunts on a trail bike:

– Drops to flat of three feet or less. Larger drops to downslope. Fact: The Cannondale Rush has a bottom-out force of 400 lbs, which corresponds to a 3.5-foot drop for a smooth 200-pounder.

– Smooth jumps. By smooth I mean landing on backside and not bottoming out.

Basically, if 1) you’re not morbidly obese, 2) your suspension is set up correctly, and 3) you don’t bottom harshly, you’ll be fine.

From takeoff to landing this drop is about six feet. With a downhill landing and smooth style you can rock it on a trail bike. Me and my trusty Enduro. BTW: I’ve rocked this sort of action on my Carbon Stumpjumper, and on a P.3 hardtail.

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