Heckler vs. Enduro?

I just came across your site and I can use all the help in making this decision as possible. I am 5’ 10”, 225lbs. I currently ride a Specialized XC that I have slapped a 130 mm fork on. Because of my weight I blow through my rear travel pretty easily.

I am looking at getting a new bike. I live in the San Fernando Valley which is the Northern Most part of L.A. County. All the trails I ride are just as much up as down. I have set a price cap at $2,300. I had my heart set on an ’08 Heckler, which is right at $2k. But then I came across a deal on a brand new ’06 Enduro S-Works for $2,700 out the door. I tried the Enduro but am concerned about banging the bottom bracket or big ring on rocks.

I do like the FSR. What is your opinion? Please HELP!!!

Hey Fernando,

The Santa Cruz Heckler and Specialized Enduro are both good bikes. As a Specialized rider, I am biased.

– They are both solid all-mountain bikes that can go up and down.

– The Heckler and Enduro are not at the same level. A Santa Cruz Nomad is analogous to an Enduro, and its frame costs $600 more than the Heckler. So it’s like you’re comparing an Audi A6 and a Chevy Malibu.

– The Enduro has slacker geometry, which biases it more toward the descents. If the Enduro comes with a 36 TALAS, you can dial down the fork for climbing.

– The Enduro has the FSR suspension you are accustomed to. Since you’ve been riding a Horst link for a while, you might notice the drawbacks of the Heckler’s single pivot.

– I’ll guess the Heckler frame is lighter, but …

– A $2,000 new Heckler will have a pretty low parts spec. The S-Works Enduro is top-of-the-line all the way. On an S-Works level bike, there are no upgrades.

– If you were looking at a new Enduro and a new Nomad, both at full retail, it would be a coin toss. But it looks like you’re getting an exceptional deal on the S-Works Enduro.

– If you can get a maxed-out A6 for the price of a Malibu, I say rock the A6.

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