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I’m rocking a PowerMax indoor cycling class this winter at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. I expect to learn stuff and get stronger. It’s fun too.

If you live around Boulder and want to train like a pro, check these classes out.

About PowerMax at the Center
This is the most precise, challenging and entertaining way to ride a bike indoors.

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Give it a try
Some of the classes still have space. Here’s the schedule:

The class I’m in runs Wednesdays at 10 a.m. There are a few spots left. If you want to mix it up, contact Coach Lester Pardoe and tell him you want to join, or at least try once:

Welcome to The Cave.

We had a fun workout with lots of intervals at and near threshold power (the highest you can sustain for an hour). I’m not so impressive there, but I need it. At the end of the class we did the Center’s standard .2-mile power test. You get a flying start then go as hard as you can until the end.

The men’s record is about 20.5 seconds. In my first attempt a couple weeks ago, I went 23-something.

Today I hammered a 22.5. Sean Madsen, a horse and biomechanist at the Center, rolled a strong 21.5.

It’s on. Come on out!

Know more. Have more fun!

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