Fun and useful game: No Dab

The SMBA monkeys and I were riding Keystone last week, and when lightning stopped the lift we hooked up with the Mojo Wheels crew for an old-fashioned rumble.

Rob Sears has been a pro downhiller since before they had descents, and he coaches Team Mojo Wheels. While our groups milled around waiting for downhill action to resume, he led us in a game of No Dab.

Setup: Wide, flat area, preferably with shoddy traction. Set two corner markers about 50 feet from each other, with another marker about 15 feet beyond the inside of each corner. Our markers were a dog kennel, a cooler and some water bottles.

Play: Riders cruise around the oval, staying within the markers. They cut each other off, forcing each other to dab. When you dab or ride outside the boundary, you’re out. Our group started with about 30 riders. Physical contact is banned.

Technique: No Dab is all about balance. You must know how to track stand, and you must be able to stop, balance and restart. Also, you need to be aware of everything that’s happening around you. As I was about to rock a Mojo kid, another skidded in front of me and knocked me out.

Old pro: Rob picked through the riders like the old pro he is. He targeted someone, cut him off, forced a dab then moved to his next victim. Only Bobbi Watt gave him a challenge — he eventually got her too.

Try it: Gather your friends and play your own No Dab rounds. You’ll improve your balance, as well as your strategy and confidence for mountain cross and BMX racing.

You start with lots of riders …

… but the cat-and-mouse gradually thins the ranks.

Bobbi sprints away from Rob.

Rob claims another victim. Heck, he practically invented this game.
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