Free wheel: Should I rock it?


I’ve finally decided to get a new fork for my Blur LT. After much consideration and nearly 2 years on the 32 TALAS (recently rebuilt), I’ve decided to sell
the 32 and buy an 09 36 TALAS RC2. I have a wheel with 20mm hub (gift from a friend), but not sure if it’s burly enough (Sun) with no name hub. I have faith in my LBS and will follow their advice, but do you have any input? I currently have mostly LX components on bike. Current wheels have been great for 2 years on Montara Mountain (Mavic 321 with LX hubs).

Should I buy a hub (if so, suggestion?) and relace to the Mavic? Or run the sun with the mystery hub and upgrade later?

I’m still NOT hucking or dropping anything worth mentioning, but I do ride hard and heavy (200lbs with gear) on rocky terrain (with light hands) 😉

Take care. Tony

Hey Tony,

That longer fork seems like a good choice for Montara Mountain, a steep, rocky hunk of love just south of San Francisco.

Here’s a very old-school video from The Crack atop Montara Mountain. Warning: It’s long and 25 megabytes.

If that donated axle turns, and the spokes are tight, and the rim is true — then I say rock the wheel.

Sun makes solid rims/wheels. The stock wheels on my 2003 P.3 are still perfect — and they’re on their third owner (this one a pinner kid). I spend a lot of time on my Charger 27s (on the Stumpy), and I’ve raced a lot of DH races on Singletracks. Oh, and there’s that guy Lopes, and that other guy Kovarik. They seem to get by with their Sun rims.

You’re right: If there’s any doubt, get the wheel checked at your local bike shop.

You can always upgrade to your dream wheelset, but I think it’ll be more fun to go rip some of that NorCal love TODAY.

Yesterday was 4 degrees and snowing here in Boulder …

— Lee

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  1. tony says:


    thanks for the input and cool vid of my hometown trail. In fact, that video started my “crack addiction”.

    LBS confirmed Sun hub on this brand new wheel (nice gift for which I will have to find a proper way to give thanks). Fork should be in this week.

    ride report on the way soon.



  2. TONY says:

    After shake down ride report…

    I knew as I dropped in on the first chute that this upgrade was right.
    Extra travel=slacker head angle => Brappp!

    Stiffer, stouter front end=>confident and stable tracking.

    feels like a entirely new bike

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