Flying high with ACL #2

As you might know, my wife Arlette (aka @b) had her left ACL repaired six weeks ago. That process really sucked! Her pain meds didn’t work, she got a severe infection, she got so dehydrated she needed an IV, and neither of us slept for a month. Yeah, it sucked, but we got through it.

She’s been healing nicely, and today we did her right ACL. She’s on stronger meds this time and feeling great. She just sent an update to her friends, and I thought I’d share it here. It’s a passionate, drug-induced trip to somewhere … just where, I don’t know. 🙂

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Okaaaay, on many many grand drugs now…righteous!

Now that’s an opener worth reading to the end to see how the book turns out, yeah?

I can’t promise a best seller, however, I can promise a grand tale…strap in, hands in the car at all times, we’re going for a ride!

Where to begin? As most may know I had ACL reconstruct surgery on the left knee 6 weeks ago…not the best of fun, the pain and rehab SUCKED major. Seems the drugs just weren’t my style. Percocet, the first few days just wasn’t cutting it so the good ole doc Koch (pronounced Cook) had me try Vicodin…um, now somebody tell me how folks get addicted to this stuff cuz, duuuudes, they didn’t work..AT ALL. I was in such the pain spiral, hitting bottom every minute. Then a week out of surgery I got some random infection in the lower part of my leg just above the ankle…huh? Maybe it was a Junior Mint, yeah? Anyway, more drugs later I healed with lots of personal PT and the love of a good guy.

Sidebar: when Lee and I decided to get hitched after, like, 3 minutes of knowing one another, my dear brother thought it a horrible idea touting we really needed go through stuff together first, have some rough times together to overcome..together…after all, he and his wife waited/dated, what, 11 years before marrying…a couple has to “know each other WELL, go through SHIT first!” Well, we’ve been through shit and lots of it… And if my dearest brother and I were on speaking terms I’d sooooo tell him! But I digress…

Anyway, the thing about ACL surgery is that it basically leaves you jacked up for about 4 weeks..solid. If the pain doesn’t get ya during the waking hours then the lack of sleep will certainly ring your bell…big time! Here’s the thing: once you find a position to sleep in–which will take you about 10 minutes to maneuver your ever growing ass and sad atrophied leg (oh, and THAT’s a fun reality to wrap your head round: years to build the muscle, 3 days to lose it…hey, you can “earn” it back, but it’ll make you weep loudly just watching it fade away…) into, you’ve got about 15 good minutes there until the nerves in your leg insist on finding another position…lovely. AND it’s not like you have sooo many positions to choose from either…back…side…back…side….oh, and don’t forget to move and adjust that pillow each time…duuuuude, nightmare, much?!? Lee suffered sooo much…poor boy got no sleep, talk about sympathy pains…oy!

So, now 6 weeks later we’ve gone and done the other knee…yeah, gluttons for pain are we. Hey, it had to be done…we went into this thing knowing both knees would need the love. But, guess what? We’re smarter now. You don’t get bionic once without learning a few tricks. And what lovely tricks we learned, the magician doc Koch, has been most generous this time round. The drugs of choice are, oh, let’s just say them together, yeah:

Two different Oxycodone pills (one time released, the other for the occasional OUCH spike) with a Diazepam chaser for those nighttime sleeping woes. Lee’s as giddy as a military Catholic school girl…aaah, sleep, precious sleep…hey, hands off the meds, bucco, get your own..hahaha

Yes, yes, yes…I’d say we’re gonna be riding the righteous wave THIS time….oh, yeah, may God truly bless all the good little pharmaceuticals of the free world…Amen, dudes, a-men…

So, one would say we’re set, yeah? The left knee is doing its job, holding its own, acting stronger than ever…the PT was way concerned it wouldn’t be strong enough to take over for the right knee…if she had her way I’d have had this other surgery next year sometime…yeah, well, she’s on the payroll not writing the checks, sorry chicky, I’ve things to do, mountains to snowboard, berms to rail, rollers to pump and jumps to boost,…oh, yeah, move outta my way…braaap!!!!

Thanks to all for your support, good wishes and such…mind set is, like, 80% of this healing thing. Thank you so much!!
And a special thanks to my Boy, Lee…you soooo RULE, best husband EVER…everyone, buy my Boy a round, he’s worked hard, he’s earned it!

Oh, and kindly look over any type-os, sentence structure mishaps, grammatical grindings…dude, I’m riding the Oxy-C roller coaster….wheeeeeeee…..!
cheers and love

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