Fairlee Frey 12-week build to XCE worlds: Week 2

Or: How to build strength on the RipRow.

Our friend Fairlee Frey fairleefrey_mondin is prepping for XCE world championships. Her coach Mike Durner coachdurner has devised a 12-week build — and they’re incorporating RipRow into the mix.

XCE (cross country eliminator) is held on a short, fast course. Four riders compete head to head, with the fastest riders advancing until a winner is crowned. XCE puts a premium on power and handling skills — hence the RipRow.

In the world of strength training, five sets of five is a proven protocol. You stress your system enough to spur strength gains, but you don’t crush yourself with high volume. A pro XC racer like Fairlee, who gets plenty of endurance work, will benefit massively from increased strength — especially in riding-specific movements. The added strength and skills will help her get great starts, ride technical terrain faster and be durable enough to advance all the way to a big win!

Here’s Fairlee’s RipRow workout for the week:

Pull resistance is set high to build strength for sprinting and rowing (the power phase of pumping). Push resistance is set low to build speed for anti-rows (the recovery phase of pumping).

Warm up with shredlift and lowrow.

5 sets of 5 shredlifts, focusing on strong rows and fast anti rows.

That’s it. Quick. Back to work, on-bike training and Life.

Riders at all levels (especially at the pro level) benefit tremendously from improved strength and skills. RipRow helps you improve both at the same time — a very short amount of time.

Go Fairlee!

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