Elbows in and prostate inflamed

My dead-of-winter, finishing-two-books, new-dad-of-twins training program isn’t super fun, but I think it’s getting the job done.

Indoor trainer death match: Twice a week, I flog myself with one-legged pedaling drills and carefully calibrated intervals. Seated pedaling power has increased more than 50%. It’s too soon to credit that to increased fitness; I think I’m waking up dormant movement patterns.

A one-legged aside: Yesterday I was rocking the Tricross down a very snowy dirt road. The bike was sliding and knifing and challenging my notions that I’m a good rider. At one point I dabbed a foot and — wow — noticed my other leg still pedaling with good power. I gotta bring that to DH: foot out and on the gas, moto style!

Dumbbell death match: I’ve been a consistent little bee with the James Wilson dumbbell program, and I just graduated from my 60-pounders to a pair of 75s. Setenta and Cinco feel heavy, but they are yielding to my will. Slowly.

The great pull-up adventure of 2010: I haven’t a rocked decent set of pull-ups since I broke my right clavicle 5+ years ago. Something about not having my right arm attached to my body. Whatever. I bought a $30 door gym at Target, and I’m working back up to the pull-up. Not only will this add power to my manuals and hops, it’ll improve my arboreal mobility.

Drop bars suck: They don’t suck for pedaling into the wind. They’re actually perfect for that. But, man, I’m not loving them for Riding with a capital R. This elbows-in thing hurts my shoulders, and it feels apologetic. “Excuse me sir, may I please rail this turn?”

Bike seats suck: One reason I got away from road and XC mileage is my stuff. My stuff does not like being on a bike seat for long periods. There’s nothing medically or functionally wrong, but it’s uncomfortable, and the pee — often and urgent.

Easy climbing: This is a small thing, but a big deal to me. Last weekend, in 0-degree weather, I hauled my carcass from home to the top of Sunshine Canyon Road. To climb a big hill — and do it comfortably — is an encouraging sign of improved strength and clean movement.

Game on: I’m planning a coaching trip to Bootleg Canyon and SoCal in late March. By the time I get there I’ll be strong and READY TO PIN IT!!! Let me know if you want to pin it with me.

Citius, altius, fortius!

— Lee

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  1. Sean says:

    Lee, that comment about your junk going funky on long road rides sounds to me like your saddle is tilted a bit too nose-high. Have you tried dropping the nose a tiny bit? Or bringing your handlebar up a tiny bit?

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Sean,

    Good ideas, thanks. I’ve tried all of that. It seems 20 years of cycling have left things sensitive. I’m fine as long as I’m pinning it and keeping weight off the saddle. The longer rides, and riding when I’m too tired to pedal well, are what anger “Mr. ‘Tate.”

    Yet another reason I love pump tracks. No sitting!

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