Elbows in and prostate inflamed

My dead-of-winter, finishing-two-books, new-dad-of-twins training program isn’t super fun, but I think it’s getting the job done.

Indoor trainer death match: Twice a week, I flog myself with one-legged pedaling drills and carefully calibrated intervals. Seated pedaling power has increased more than 50%. It’s too soon to credit that to increased fitness; I think I’m waking up dormant movement patterns.

A one-legged aside: Yesterday I was rocking the Tricross down a very snowy dirt road. The bike was sliding and knifing and challenging my notions that I’m a good rider. At one point I dabbed a foot and — wow — noticed my other leg still pedaling with good power. I gotta bring that to DH: foot out and on the gas, moto style!

Dumbbell death match: I’ve been a consistent little bee with the James Wilson dumbbell program, and I just graduated from my 60-pounders to a pair of 75s. Setenta and Cinco feel heavy, but they are yielding to my will. Slowly.

The great pull-up adventure of 2010: I haven’t a rocked decent set of pull-ups since I broke my right clavicle 5+ years ago. Something about not having my right arm attached to my body. Whatever. I bought a $30 door gym at Target, and I’m working back up to the pull-up. Not only will this add power to my manuals and hops, it’ll improve my arboreal mobility.

Drop bars suck: They don’t suck for pedaling into the wind. They’re actually perfect for that. But, man, I’m not loving them for Riding with a capital R. This elbows-in thing hurts my shoulders, and it feels apologetic. “Excuse me sir, may I please rail this turn?”

Bike seats suck: One reason I got away from road and XC mileage is my stuff. My stuff does not like being on a bike seat for long periods. There’s nothing medically or functionally wrong, but it’s uncomfortable, and the pee — often and urgent.

Easy climbing: This is a small thing, but a big deal to me. Last weekend, in 0-degree weather, I hauled my carcass from home to the top of Sunshine Canyon Road. To climb a big hill — and do it comfortably — is an encouraging sign of improved strength and clean movement.

Game on: I’m planning a coaching trip to Bootleg Canyon and SoCal in late March. By the time I get there I’ll be strong and READY TO PIN IT!!! Let me know if you want to pin it with me.

Citius, altius, fortius!

— Lee

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