Drive, drive, drive

Still wrung out from the Otter. 10 muddy bikes stewing in the back of the Brick. Heading east. Yesterday taught three Reno firefighters how to corner. Today a speaker started popping then spouted acrid smoke out of my dashboard. Whoa — pull off I-80, tear it all apart and disconnect. Just got an assignment to write about tricked-out belts and hoses for slammed Civics. OK … Reading Sport Compact Car while pumping diesel, trying to learn their language. Can these guys be even nerdier than me? … The ad copy is due Friday. Stories for NSMB and Mountain Biking due this week. Coaching this Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention all the Sea Otter reports. Wash the bikes maybe Tuesday? Currently rocking Flying J wifi in Rock Springs, WY. All I can say is … BRAAAP!

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  1. Roger says:

    Thanks for stopping in Reno. I had a great time. It was the best spent money towards anything bicycling in years. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience to help us out.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Roger! Thanks man. I enjoyed riding with you guys. Next time I roll through, lets do PUMP!

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