Do the pros ride the same bikes we ride?

I was wondering if when I see for example Darren Berrecloth in ROAM, does he really ride on Spec SX trail? That SX trail which I can buy from my local dealer?? or is it kinda special SX- only Darren- trail?;) The same for example with Gee Atherton rockin’ on Reign in Anti Gravity 2?…couse..if it can handle Gee or Darren for sure it will handle me;)
Greetings for new year from Poland 😉

Pro downhiller Curtis Keene rocks a stock Enduro in 2003. Until you’re faster than Curtis, please don’t email me saying, “Dude, I’m so faaaaast … I need an extra-awesome biiiiike …”

Hey Szczepan,

As far as I know, yes, the pros are riding the same bikes we ride. They might be on next year’s model or some prototype parts, but, for the most part, we can ride the same stuff.

– That’s one cool thing about mountain biking. While pro auto and moto racers are using custom equipment that we’ll never touch, pro bike racers are using the same high-end parts that we can buy (if we have the money).

– That’s one reason high-end bikes are so expensive. A top-end DH bike costs the same as a stock 250 motocross motorcycle. That might seem like a rip-off (and it might be), but get this: A $5,000 M6 or Demo 8 or V10 is as good as it gets — that’s the pro standard. A $5,000 CRF250R is just the beginning. Pro riders invest $10,000-$20,000 or more to make them extra competitive.

– Pro bikes are dialed in. Suspension setup is massively important, and most of us “Average Szczepans” have no idea how to set up our bikes. Most bike mechanics make it worse.

– And, of course, pro riders know how to ride. They can rip on anything — especially if it’s set up for them!

In conclusion:

Every high-end mountain bike from a good company has been tested and proven by riders greater than us. I’ve seen SX Trails in action in Whistler, and — wow — just wow.

Shoot, I’ve seen people do amazing things on hardtails and road bikes.

Brian Lopes rails a wet, rocky, rooty corner in Whistler — on the same bike you can buy.

Get a decent bike. Get it dialed in. Learn how to ride it. Have fun!

— Lee

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