DMC Moto-Trainer lap timer

Time is the only true way to measure results, and the latest version of the DMC Moto-Trainer is the best timer out there. Improve your riding. Have more fun. Double-check the dubious timing company!

What it is

The DMC Moto-Trainer is a small timer that mounts next to your grip. This location lets you easily and precisely mark splits with your thumb. Way better (and safer) than a wristwatch or centrally mounted computer.

Price: $49.99 plus $4.99 shipping/handling

What it does

DMC packs a lot of love into a tiny package:

– Puts the start/lap/stop button right under your thumb.

– 100 lap memory

– Fastest, slowest and average lap times (pump tracks will never be the same!)

– Total time

– All functions are easy to use. I learned them in a few minutes.

– Waterproof and durable. 30-day warranty.

– Held by a combo of Velcro and a snap. Very solid, with no tools.

– Easily switches among bikes. All you need is an extra Velcro strip.

Mounting: You need 1 1/4″ of space between your left grip and brake perch. No problem if you run a single ring. On my trail bike with a front shifter, I mount the timer inboard of the brake lever. I lose the precision of the preferred location, but it’s still fine for timing long rides.

What to do with it

Use your imagination:

– Try different lines.

– Try different setups.

– Try different riding styles.

– Experiment with intensity levels.

– Keep yourself motivated and have extra fun.

– Double-check funky race timing systems.

– Track your pump-track laps and send them to Mark Weir.

How to get one

You can order your DMC Moto-Trainer right here. I’m stoked to offer this product, and I appreciate your support of this site.

Price: $49.99 plus $4.99 shipping/handling

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3 replies
  1. Bruce says:

    Do you have to hit the button on every lap? If that is the case, I will rock my GPS instead. It Will track my laps automatically. What would Mark Weir do with everyones pump track times?
    Does he still have that facial hair? He is kind of Creepy.

  2. Pee-Who says:

    hey lee,

    what’s the difference between their Moto-Trainer versus their DH-Trainer? i noticed there’s a $10.00 price difference, any particular advantages of the more pricey Moto-Trainer?


  3. leelikesbikes says:

    The DH Trainer is only start/stop. It has no laps. Very few people buy it; it’s being discontinued.

    The Moto Trainer has the same body and button, but it adds 100-lap memory, fastest lap time, slowest lap time and average lap time. Definitely worth the extra $10.

    I just ran mine at Hall Ranch up in Lyons, CO. Good stuff.

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