Dirt-jump hardtail for all-around riding?

Billy is considering a Giant STP-0 for his do-all bike, and I think that’s a fine idea.

Terrific website you have! I have been mountain biking since around 1996, started with a Specialized Hardrock rigid and quickly moved up to a Specialized FSR full susp. I rode that bike into the ground until it did the same to me … [injury details deleted].

So i have been on the search for a new ride and while searching came across your site of which I read frequently now. I want to get a do-it-all hard tail, partly due to cost and also to get back some of the simplicity (much has changed in bikes in the last 10yrs, its amazing).

I would like a bike that can handle a bit of everything, some trail, jumps, Freeride/DH. I decided I think I want to go for a Giant STP-0, though it will be a blind purchase as no dealers here keep them in stock.

Thought about the larger of the two frames being that I am 5’10 and the little extra room would be better for all-around riding. Will a 9spd 11-34 with a 36t front alone be sufficient gearing for all that was mentioned?

Do you have any comments you might share regarding the particular bike? I know you are fond of your P.3 and I intend to use it for much of the same, maybe a little more as it will be the only ride for a while, though I know you have taken that P.3 for some pretty tough shore style riding too if I am not mistaken.

I know you’re busy with a lot, thankfully others get to benefit from your work. I wanted to just say I think your site is great, you provide a lot of information that is based on experience that we all need and is often times hard to find with much validity. If you get a chance to answer my question great, if not I’m still going to be checking out LeeLikesBikes.



2009 Giant STP-0 (U.S. model).

Hey Billy,

Thanks for the nice note.

I’m starting to think dirt-jump hardtails are the ultimate do-everything bikes — especially if you want to keep things simple. They are relatively inexpensive, and you can ride them pretty much anywhere. They won’t rail rough terrain like an all-mountain suspension bike, but they’re super fun in town, at the jumps and on many trails.

The Giant STP-0 is a very nice bike that will serve you well (as my P.3 has served me). The Rock Shox Argyle fork is a winner, and the short stays and 69-degree head angle have become standard for DJ hardtails. Thoughts:

– Get the longer frame.

– Get the longest seatpost you can, with a quick release collar. This will let you rip the dirt jumps or spin across the rugged landscape.

– The 1×9 gearing will work fine, as long as you’re strong and the trail isn’t crazy-steep. If you have to walk a section, so what?

Buy from a local bike shop, and have fun!

— Lee

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