Descend like a predator chasing prey

Our friend Ryan W just posted some very nice comments on my private coaching page.

“I am excited to go fast and under control. I fear nothing.”

“… the best investment I’ve ever put into mountain biking.”

And more. Check it out:

During the summer of 2014 I was on a road trip through Boulder. I had read some of Lee’s books and decided to invest in a two-hour private session with Lee. I’ve thought about those two hours every time I’ve ridden since.

Lee’s instruction took me to the next level of riding enjoyment. Working primarily at the pump track, he was able to show me a technique for driving the bike that allows me to ride faster and more comfortably than I could before the lesson. While relatively simple to execute, they were not ideas I would have come up with on my own by just doing more riding.

Lee was able to watch me and explain in a way I could understand how I could change the way I move around the bike to improve my riding.

Part of the excitement I used to get from mountain biking was from fear that I’d lose control and fall off the bike. I expected to hit the ground at least once ever other ride. Since my session with Lee, I fall very rarely and more likely from a mechanical malfunction than losing control due to speed or obstacles. I don’t miss that kind of excitement (or patching myself and the bikes up).

Since my lesson with Lee, when I start on a downhill, I feel like a predator chasing his prey. I am excited to go fast and under control. I fear nothing.

I’ve been able to build on the skills he showed me and improve. That lesson was the best investment I’ve ever put into mountain biking. No new bike or part upgrade has changed riding for me like learning Lee’s technique did.

I highly recommend private lessons with Lee along with the clinics run by his disciples. I will take advantage of both next time I’m in Boulder (hopefully this summer!).

— — —

All of this radness cost Ryan $344. Give yourself the best upgrade ever. Let’s rock!

Know more. Have more fun!

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