Definition of braaap?


Please define for me, “BRAAAAPPP!” Maybe because I’m 39, I missed that… 🙂


Hi Dave,

It’s BRAAAP with three As and one P.

Braaap is a noun. It’s the sound a motorcycle makes when it’s on the throttle. It is also the sound of MTB knobbies being overloaded in a sweet berm. Braaap!

Braaap is a verb. To braaap is to ride with aggression and flow, especially through corners and over obstacles. “We pushed our DH bikes to the top of Left Hand Canyon, then we braaaped down.”

The verb braaap can apply to any action performed with flowy aggression: “The SAT verbal test was so easy — I was just like braaap!”

Braaapable is an adjective. A braaapable bike facilitates aggressive, flowy riding. “Dude, that FOX 36 VAN made my Enduro even more braaapable.” A trail can be braaapable: “A lot of people think Heil Ranch is too flat and rocky to be fun, but if you’re fit enough to pin it, it’s very braaapable.”

Braaap is a statement of intent. It means I am ready for this, and I want this, and I am going to rock this. When I met my wife and proposed to her after like three weeks, that was a big BRAAAP!!!!

Here’s another example: A few years ago a bunch of us were riding XC, at Heil Ranch as a matter or fact. Lopes was in town for a book signing. It suddenly got very cold and started raining very hard. Lopes was freezing, filthy and not happy. He pulled off the trail to clean his glasses, and Bobbi Watt splashed right by with a loud “braaap!” Not many people braaap that guy …

— Lee (39 and braaaping every chance I get)

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