Clip in for Angel Fire 4X?

Hi, I am just wondering if it is necessary for me to run Clip pedals at Angelfire 4X, I heard it helps alot, should i risk it?

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Last year’s course.

Hey Dustin,

1. Run what you’re comfortable with. If clipping in scares you, stick with flat pedals.

2. Angel Fire is a big, fast, rough course with huge jumps. On a course like this, you can use the power and control that clips provide (not to mention get a faster start and avoid traffic).

3. If you feel comfortable in clips, run ’em. You have almost two weeks until Angel Fire. Clip in now and go riding!

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  1. Dustin Belcher says:

    I don’t know what Dustin left that question but any way have u heard anything about that last straight away? I heard they toned it down but it could just be a rumor.

  2. Brian Buell says:

    Clips are a good thing, unless you power down so much that your foot comes uncliped while peddling and gets jammed in between the fork and wheel creating a very uncomfortable head over heels flip resulting in much dirt in the mouth. I would still recommend clips!

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