Clinics at Sea Otter

Clay hones his kung fu in hardcore clinic action. This dude was fast to start with — now he’s retarded-fast.

Hi all. If any of you want to rock some skills while you’re at the Sea Otter, email me and let’s set something up during a break.

We can work on position, cornering, pump or pretty much anything you want. A couple hours with me and I PROMISE you’ll be a better rider. I help most people take 1/3 to 1 second off a tight corner.

My rates are the same for one to three riders, so you can get some buddies together if you want.

One hour: $100

Two hours: $150

Time permitting, we can do pretty much whatever you want. You’ll dig it!

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  1. leelikesbikes says:

    That’s fair. Have fun out there!

    I find it interesting that so many people spend $100+ on a handlebar or new set of tires, yet few invest in their skills. Bars break and tires wear out; skills are yours forever.

  2. Alex says:

    $100 is a lot of money for a 1 hour clinic. I would lower my price to $40-$50, you not a pro or anything special, just an average joe that wrote a book, get Lopes out there and maybe people will pay that much. Just given advice, if you really wanted to help people out, you would lower your prices!

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Yeah Alex! Ouch!!! OK tough guy, it’s on:

    When it comes to racing, I’m nothing special. I’m pretty damn good, but I’m no Lopes.

    But I have an IQ over 150 (genius starts at 120) and an extensive background in information design and presentation. I am very good at understanding complex processes and explaining them. Since you write “given” when you mean “giving,” and you join two independent clauses with a comma, I’ll explain that to you more simply: I help people ride better. I am much better at this than Lopes and most everyone else out there. This is a professional service, and it demands professional pay.

    You’re right: I could help more people with cheap or free clinics at the Otter, but I’m racing, and I’ll be pinned the whole weekend. If a few riders want to improve their skills, I’ll help ’em out.

    BTW: I’m doing FREE clinics at every Mountain States Cup race. Not to mention a free Web site …

    Thanks for your post. That really got my blood pumping!

    — Lee

  4. TP says:

    As it should’ve gotten your blood pumping!!! Being a pro rider, does NOT make you a pro teacher. In fact I bet the majority of the pro’s are pretty “beginner” when it comes to teaching at the level you do!! Coming from a pro rider, I think your clinics are tops!!! Being able to break down skills so that anyone can begin to work on them and within time, accomplish them???! Teaching is so much harder than you would think. Talk about having all different kinds of communication skills…..keep it up Lee!!!

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