Climbing on an AS-X vs. an SX Trail?

I’m currently rocking a Yeti AS-X with a Marz 66RC2X up front. Bike is great but it pedals like poo, seat tube angle is super slack which makes seated pedaling a constant struggle, and the braking characteristics leave a lot to be desired.

I’ve been looking at the SX Trail as a replacement. The geometry is a bit lower and slacker which I like. How does the SXT pedal while standing? I’m 6’5″, 220, live in SoCal and visit Mammoth a couple times a year. My main rides are quasi shuttles up Mt. Wilson that require a fair bit of pedaling. I’ll also shuttle Cold Springs and Tunnel every so often.

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Hey Scott,

The AS-X is indeed a great bike. The single pivot is simple and does the job. But there is some inherent pedal bob and brake jack.

The SX Trail has neither. If you dial in the ProPedal and pedal smoothly, it’ll climb and sprint very well.

Cold Springs and Tunnel in Santa Barbara … YUM! … Use a bell and watch out for traps. Check this out:

Jim Norman works it down Tunnel, Enduro style, circa 2002. You can rip this trail on trail or DH bike, but an AS-X or SX Trail would be ideal.

— Lee

Adwords PS: Mountain biking improves overall fitness and health. Regular exercise is one of the keys to weight loss. The other is a moderate diet. Eat less, ride more!

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