Chloe Woodruff shreds the 2015 Whiskey Off-Road criterium

NinerBikes posted some beautiful photos on Pinkbike yesterday, and they show Chloe Woodruff shredding!

A couple seasons ago, I worked skills with Chloe and her Crank Brothers team. It’s fun to see her out there ripping.

See the entire post here:

What a great attack position! Low, aero and positioned to deal with whatever happens next.

This, right here, is some kung fu. Chloe is low. She is edging the bike independently from her body. She has already initiated the turn and is aiming for a late-apex exit. And look at her vision! This turn is done, and she’s planning her pass.

Give two equally incredible athletes, she with the most kung fu shall prevail.

Chloe also won the 50-mile XC race the next day.

Go Chloe!

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