Cement Mountain Trail, Crested Butte, CO

Per my strict post-race moto policy, I took myself on a little adventure after Sunday’s race.

Too tired: After a full race weekend I was whipped. As a matter of fact, I pulled up to one trailhead and considered my options. “I can ride, but I’m so exhausted, and I’m alone, and I still have a five-hour drive.” So I got back on the road.

Choose life: As I rolled along the Jack’s Cabin Cutoff toward Taylor Lake, I passed another trail head, and the other voice took over. “Dude, you’re here. You have the moto. It’s gonna be awesome.”

Let there be love: A steep, rocky dirt road turned into a steep, rocky singletrack, then I topped out in a meadow. Nothing but green in the foreground and mountains in the background. Too cool.

Time to man up: Since I always ride with great riders who are also very strong and good with tools, it was scary to be all alone. When I came upon a two-foot log I almost turned back. Hmm, what would Fireman Jeff do? I blipped the throttle to loft my front wheel, then I let my rear tire claw right over. Not so bad. One descent got very steep and rocky, with crazy-tight switchbacks. Going down was easy, but would I be able to get back up? The answer: Yes. First gear, even throttle and lots of body English. A ride like this does wonders for your confidence.

Ruining people’s rides: I was blipping above a stream in second gear when I saw a mountain biker climbing toward me. I let off the throttle, and he waved me through. I rolled up, killed the engine and shared my stoke: “This is so cool! What a day! What a trail! Hey, is there a right turn soon?” The guy was bitter. “Yeah, and there’s a left turn too. You better take the right turn, or you’ll really ruin someone’s ride.” Emphasis on really.

Dude, I like bikes too!

Here’s a map of the area.

Cement Mountain Trail #553. Yummy.

How sweet is this?

Here’s where I ruined that guy’s ride.

The easiest of the switchbacks. I was pretty busy in the other ones.

Wonder Woman lost her invisible jet, but she’s doing fine in Crested Butte.

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