Callus management tip #1A

Hey Lee!

Great site, always interesting. I ride a lot and I have gnarly calluses on my palms that pinch, pull off and become very painful. I will be in Whistler all summer and it’s gonna get really bad. Any tips for reducing pinched calluses?

Also, if you want to do a few runs together when you’re up in Whistla’ that would be AWESOME.

Thanks for your time, Calen

Hey Calen.

Yeah, those calluses. Get an emory board (like women use on their nails) and rub them down. That’ll keep ’em low and smooth.

You can also bite them off or clip them off with nail clippers, but you risk ruining ’em. Just keep your calluses filed low, and you’ll be good to go.

In Whistler, I swear half of your food goes to callus production. Stay on ’em!

I’m starting to plan this year’s Whisler trip. I’ll keep in touch.


— Lee

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