BMX or plus hardtail on a pump track?

Hey Lee – quick question. I am on a 27+ hardtail. This is the little pump track I use. Almost the whole track is in the frame. The bumps and corners come up so fast and it is sometimes hard to not run off the edge. When I put my 4 year old on it his tiny balance bike seems to fit so much better on the track than my bike. It makes me wonder – would i be having more fun or learning faster if I used a bmx bike instead?  I am very beginner – only my 4th time on a pumptrack.




Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve ridden a replica of that same track. It’s pretty darn fun. As a matter of fact, I rode it on my Specialized Fuse plus hardtail.

While a BMX is theoretically better for this sort of thing, I strongly suggest you ride the bike you have.

  1. You already have that bike.
  2. I’m guessing you ride that bike elsewhere, and your pump practice will transfer better.
  3. The best bike in the world is the one you get to ride. See #1.

You didn’t ask about riding technique, but I can see some obvious places to improve:

  • Get lower across the tops of the bumps.
  • Don’t let the bumps push your torso upward. Keep your body level through the track.
  • Advance the timing of your down pressure.
  • More range of motion with your arms.

Learn way more at

If you take your current skills to a BMX bike, it’ll feel even more sketchy. Work to improve your skills. Enjoy the bike you have!


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