BMX cruiser for a tall rider

Our tall friend rides a large MTB for slalom, and he’s looking for a BMX cruiser. Top tube length? Material? Head angle? … What to do?

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Hi Lee,

I saw that you were looking to get a cruiser, I’m in the same boat, so I thought I’d ask you a few questions. I am 6’3″ 190, with pretty long arms and legs, in the past a rode a large chameleon for slalom and that was the perfect size. The top tube on the chameleon 23.5″ but is seems like cruisers are usually between 21 and 22, do I “need” to get the longest top tube possible, or would I be fine if the TT was only around 21? Second question is material, since I will be using this to screw around and work on general bike skills, as well as session the local BMX track, do you think looking for a steel frame is important, or should I just stick with aluminum? Last question is head angle. Most of the frames seem to have a 73, for me on a mtn bike, slacker is better, so should l look for the most slack HA or is this completely different since its a bmx frame?

I’m not looking for a detailed explanation, just a few of your thoughts would be appreciated. Right now I’m looking to spend about $400, so I’m looking at the Felt sector 29, and a few of the DK frames, any other suggestions?

Thanks for your time,


Hey K.K.,

I am no expert on BMX cruisers. Here’s everything I know:

– They’ve had decades to dial in the geometry. Just buy a newer bike from a reputable company, and rock it.

– Any cruiser in that price range from a major company will be fine. I’ve heard great things about the Intense Pro Cruiser.

– Unless you’re a total maniac, you don’t need the durability of a steel frame. Anyway, I think most of the bikes in your price point are aluminum.

– BMX bike sizes go Mini, Junior, Expert then Pro, with XLs tacked on for extra length. Some companies make extra-long frames, but a Pro or Pro XL Cruiser should do the trick. Some very big men rip on BMX bikes.

– BMX bike prices are totally different from MTB prices. You can get a complete bike for $400. Yeah, build that quiver!

– The more you spend, the better the components. Just like with MTBs.

– Get whatever you can afford — in a color you like — and ride it. Pump Track Nation!

Still looking for my 24″ baby …

— Lee

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