Bikes or motos?

Ok lee,
Which is better Bikes or Motos????

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That, my friend, is the question.

I dearly love both, but if I could only have one I’d choose bikes. More versatile and more practical, better overall for the body, mind and earth.

It would be a bummer to give up moto, but it wouldn’t kill me. To give up bikes … that would be tough.

Which is more fun?

So hard to say!
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  1. jason smith says:

    Alot of the answer to this question is where you live. While living in Marin I had hundreds of miles of bike trails right from my front door. Around every corner on a bike ride you could run into the likes of Mark Weir,Gary fisher,marla streb and countless other riders on your favorite trails. Pretty dam fun I say. As far as moto I had to drive 2-3 hours to a select2 or 3 same riding areas and this was kinda a pain. Fast forward to today a very different location near tahoe and now I have hundreds of miles of trails to moto and bike on right from my front door. My new opinion is motos are more fun but bikes can be much more rewarding due to health and peacefullness of a solo single track ride.

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