Beware the full-suspension Band Aid

hey lee
do you think that even for a fairly slow downhiller a dually would make a rocky track smoother?

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Hey Rob,

Yes, a full suspension bike makes trails smoother. Sounds logical.

Suspension gives you some added leeway, but if you ride poorly, the trail will still feel rough. A super-expensive bike doesn’t fix poor riding technique: gripping the bars, weight too far forward, shoulders too high, looking at the ground, etc. The cush makes these flaws a little less noticeable than on a hardtail, but when they finally make you crash, you’ll be going faster. Sounds dangerous.

If you buy a new bike, devote some effort to developing your skills. Without skill, you’ll ride your $3000 bike just as sketchily as your $300 bike. Sounds silly.

That said, a dialed bike gives you the confidence to rock the skills you have. Set yourself up with a quality bike, then learn to ride it. Sounds fun.

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