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I put a lot of work into this baby, and as of May 38,000 of you are digging it every month. Time to step it up!

What’s this all about?

I (Lee McCormack) am an experienced journalist, information designer and kung fu master (figuratively) who loves bikes. I started four years ago as a way to share stories with my bros — now I have bros all over the world.

Lee Likes Bikes celebrates the stoke of the ride. That includes all sorts of topics: skills, training, events, adventures, people, motocross, skiing, Life with a capital L and whatever else I find interesting.

Here’s my corporate and personal mission:

“I will use my talents, skills, passion and relationships to help people improve their lives through bike riding.”

Numbers and such

Lee Likes Bikes is growing like a weed. A tasty little weed.

– In February 2007 leelikesbikes served 143,000 pages to 25,000 unique visitors.

– The average visitor comes by twice a month (rabid readers check several times per week).

– The average visitor reads three pages per visit (rabid readers read everything that’s new). That doesn’t count clicking on photos, refreshing the pages, etc. Some sites count all that stuff, but not here.

– Readers come from all over the world, but most are concentrated in the United States, especially California and Colorado. Which makes sense, because that’s where most American mountain bikers live.

I hope to partner with companies who serve my readers with great/unique products. Advertising can be an important part of the overall leelikesbikes message, and I want to put good information out there.

Because my traffic is very targeted, I will help you spread your message in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Advertising rates

468×60 banners
Where: The same unit will appear at the top and bottom of the page.
How much: $15 per thousand impressions
Hold a spot for a month: $2,000
Rotate half-time for a month: $1,125
Rotate one-quarter time for a month: $600

125×125 buttons
Where: Unit will appear in the rail on the right side of every page. Multiple buttons may appear here.
How much: $8 per thousand impressions
Hold a spot for a month: $1,000
Rotate half-time for a month: $550
Rotate one-quarter time for a month: $300

Home page and category pages

Story page

Let’s rock!

Email me, and we’ll make this happen. First come first served.

4 replies
  1. Biscuit says:

    Good luck Lee!

    I always wondered why you didn’t have banners considering it was such a well known popular site.

    Anyone who sponsors this site get’s an A+ in my book because they are helping a cool guy, who is progressing the sport, live the dream.

  2. PostCanyonLoc says:

    I’ll twist Chico nipples at Dakine for you……I can’t promise anything since I’m not affiliated with them, just my homies.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks man.

    Everyone, if you can tell your bros that’ll be great. I spend a lot of time on this site — I do it with love — but I need to start earning some money from the work. I hope you understand.

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