A very tough pump track in Winter Park, CO

This one has tight turns, lots of rollers and a major uphill. Mortals need not bother.

Location: Near Winter Park, CO. Don’t ask for more detail.

Layout: From the top of the hill, you start with a couple tight berms then drop into the track. Going counterclockwise:

– Four downhill rollers

– Slight left

– Two downhill rollers

– Tight left berm

– Two uphill rollers

– Flat uphill

– Tight left berm

– Tiny double

– Tight right berm

– Tiny double

– Left berm

– Repeat

Looking uphill. You hit this berm SO hard.

Looking downhill. Yes, Jon Watt is pedaling. Later, he and Petr were hitting the berm, pumping the rollers and coasting all the way up the hill.

The first berm on the entrance line. Looks like Petr has to poop.

You blast out of the berm and into the track. Are you ready for those rollers?

The mattress is for safety. The kicker ramp is for punishment.

Can you hook the first roller then triple the rest? Petr can.

The sickest pump track photo ever. Petr is the three-time Czech national BMX champ (before Prokop’s day), and now he’s burning up the Mountain States Cup.

Jon gets the cover of Pump Track Action Magazine.

I think I have to poop too.

Hit the berm hard, slide back and pivot on your rear wheel. Fun.

Uphill right, jump, left, jump, right. So tricky. So cool.

It doesn’t always go perfectly.
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