Whiteface Pump Track Endurance Challenge

Wilmington, New York, is pretty far from Boulder, Colorado, but this event is gonna be awesome.

The track. It’s all about the S section on the far end.

Where: Whiteface Mountain Bike Park, Wilmington, NY

When: Noon this Sunday, October 19

Entry and payout: $20 to enter. Field limited to 25. One rider takes it all (up to $500). Hey, isn’t that more than a NORBA National win?


– No chains allowed.
– Most laps wins
– Any rider who can ride for 10 MINUTES goes into the winners’ pool
– All riders in the winners’ pool get 1 lap
– Now the fastest lap wins

According to Downhill Mike from the park: “Elias (Mike’s partner) timed himself the other day and did 9 laps in 3 1/2 minutes. He said he was exhausted.”

More information: www.downhillmike.com

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This is so cool. The Intergalactic Pump Track Championships at SolVista this summer were super fun. How often do you get to mix it up with a bunch of kids, your local bros and a world champion?

I think lots of fit, skilled riders will go 10 laps, then it’ll be a one-lap top-speed contest.

– 10-lap qualifier: Just stay smooth and get your 10 laps. I’d focus on the S section. If you get it right, it’ll give you an amazing drive into the next straight. From there you can relax and save energy. Check this out: How to pump an S section

– One-lap main: It’s all about the S section. You’d probably want to slow down a bit before diving into the first berm. This will give you a better connection and let you gain speed through the three berms (rather than bleed speed). BTW: Brian Lopes had the same advice for the key berm at SolVista.

Pump Track Nation!

Pump Track Nation National Series!

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