Whistler ’05 Day 2: A good day

I know it’s going well because I’m too tired to say much. Today:

The upper trails were slick this morning but tacky this afternoon. We rolled train style with Tom and Bryson from Marzocchi — who were rocking new 888s and rear shocks — plus local honches Jeff and Grant. When you ride in a group you tap a collective energy, and today that energy was a little bit competitive, mostly mellow bro and the rest BRAAAP. When you’re No. 4 in a line of seven great riders, you tend to give ‘er, that’s for sure.

We ran one train down A-Line at about 100 miles per hour. We were like porpoises on a roller coaster: up and down and side to side, pulling 3Gs into lips and going weightless in flight, three at a time airborne on the big tables. So cool.

A couple new trails

Too Tight. This guy picks up just above mid-mountain and winds through very tight, steep trees to the top of the Boneyard slopestyle area. His soil was black today, and his turns were … well … tight. This is ultra-precise riding, and to flow Too Tight without brakes will be an exercise in trust and cornering technique.

D1. This guy runs parallel to Too Tight, and he treats you to a series of steep turns dropping into various jumps: doubles, step-ups and step-downs. Somewhere in the middle a wooden ramp appears, and what do you do? Pump it and touch down on damp soil, that’s what. Yum.

Dr. Sloan is fixing to ride off the top of the Curved Wall Ride of Death.

Grant jumps off the wall. Jeff forgets which way is down.

This Garbanzo rock gap is impressive to watch, but hard to shoot. Jeff.

The first stepdown on A-Line is long and faaast. Curtis and Chris.

Chris boosts the high option on an A-Line table.

Curtis style.

Paved berms make for happy work. Curtis.

Curtis looks at the next turn. Chris looks at Curtis’ butt.
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