Vision in a figure 8 drill

We use the classic figure eight drill a lot in the LLB remote coaching program. It can be done anywhere, shows lots of skills and can be scaled to challenge any rider.

As riders’ technical cornering skills become non-conscious, we start to focus (ha ha!) on vision.

Vision is funny:

• When you look where you’re going, you feel confident.

• When you feel confident, you look where you’re going.

Put another way:

As riders get more skilled and confident, then look farther into their future. And vice versa.

Something to think about when you’re rocking your drills – or shredding trails:

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  1. Leonard says:

    Hi Lee, I’m incorporating this drill into my weekend workouts and I find myself loosing velocity before reaching the end of the curves (the top and bottom of 8). By the time I reach the intersecting portion (middle of 8), I am nearly done. I had to pedal to gain speed; however, pedaling for that small segment isn’t going to give me enough time to position myself for a good cornering at the next curve of the 8. Hope my description makes sense (quite difficult to explain in plain words). Any idea what I’m missing here? Thanks, more power.

  2. Leonard says:

    Thanks, I knew I have a lot to consider 🙂

    Given the possible reasons you stated. It could be a combination of several factors. Granted that my brain is telling me correctly what I am doing incorrectly when cornering, I ‘feel’ where I start to loose everything are ‘timing of pressure’ and consequently leading to ‘loss of edging power’. The rest of the 4 points are there; otherwise I’d be washing out.

    Hence in summary, where I fail is pumping the corner from the feet. I feel my arms push, but I feel little power when I transfer the pump to my legs (coming from the push of the arms). And if I do transfer it (inconsistently), I notice myself rising up a bit, hence the loss of pressure on the legs and arms… I do make the corners though, just not the figure 8 in its proper textbook form – that is pedal movement just to switch foot position (inside up, outside down).


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