Two days post-op

Hi all. Wednesday’s surgery on the left shoulder seems to have gone well.

I didn’t see the doctor afterward, but the photos and reports indicate:

– He removed lots of small, loose objects.

– He removed a few big bone fragments. I think The Wife has one in her purse. Gotta get that thing and glue it to my stem.

– He cleaned up the labrum. That guy was repaired in 2002.

– He ground a big bone spur off the humerus. The photo is gruesome!

– There is plenty of bone-on-bone action. I suppose that has long-term ramifications.

I’m off the pain meds, and — while the shoulder is bandaged, sore and limited — it hurts less than it did before the surgery. I guess that’s a good sign!

Range of motion is being regained, and I see the doc in about a week. I’ll keep you posted.

Bonus: James Wilson is designing a program to keep me training around the bad shoulders, and to help me enter next summer as strong as possible. I’ll keep you posted on that too.

Be kind to yourselves!

— Lee

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