TRX funny business at home

Over the past six months I’ve been using a TRX suspension trainer as part of my shoulder physical therapy (See Bone on bone but still rocking).

Lately I’ve been rocking this fun move:

I suppose you can call this a row with a unilateral hip thrust, or maybe it’s just an assisted pistol squat? Either way, it’s challenging and fun — and the shoulder, torso and hip involvement feel like pedaling a mountain bike up a steep ledge.

Notice how I start anchoring the “bars” toward my hips at the end of the set. To make it even more bike specific, I’d keep my arms straight the whole time, but that’s too much torque on these shoulders.

On a nice 40-degree day in Boulder, CO:

I’ve been having fun, and I’m getting much stronger (OK, less weak).

What I like about the suspension trainer:

Inexpensive. Especially compared with gym membership, weights or pulley systems. The TRX system costs $200. Other brands like the Jungle Gym cost $100.

Portable. You can leave it hanging in your garage, office or patio, or you can throw it in a bag and take it anywhere. It can be mounted to a door, bar or beam.

The TRX works well on the back of my Sprinter. #portablegym #vanfit

Versatile. Push, pull, squat, twist and basically do any exercise you can think of (or find online).

Easily control resistance. By changing the strap length and your foot position, you can make any exercise very easy or very hard. When I feel weak, I go light. When I feel strong (OK, less weak), I go heavy (OK, less light).

Try a suspension trainer:

TRX Home Suspension Training Kit
This is what I use, and it includes everything you need for crushing it at home or on the road. The TRX name costs a premium, but the finish is exquisite.

Jungle Gym XT
This lower-cost option uses two attachment points, which allows you to do more exercises. Heck, get one for home and one for your office!

Be nice and kick ass,


Know more. Have more fun!

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