This sweet ride was brought to you by Backshop software

I’m in Marin gathering user feedback at the annual Backshop user conference and rocking improvements to the enterprise commercial loan origination software.

Sitting in an office sucks even more than I remember, but on Monday I got in a nice ride with a client.

Jorge lives in Manhattan and works in mortgage lending and real estate for AIG Investment Group. He is a very cool, pretty darn fit, dude. He is also a valued client.

We rented a pair of Rocky Mountain hardtails at Mike’s bikes in Sausalito, about a mile from the office. Jorge and I spun from the shop, up the bike path and along the bay shore. It was a perfect day: sunny and slightly warm, and the breeze carried a hint of ocean.

We stopped periodically to talk about braking, cornering and other key riding skills. This wasn’t just a bike ride; it was a “lesson with a pro!”

We turned west and followed Tennessee Valley Road to a trailhead, then cruised the dirt road toward the Pacific. The hills rolled, the flowers bloomed and the sun beamed. A pair of deer bounded across a meadow. Jorge was awestruck. “Remember Jorge,” I said, “This is all brought to you by Backshop software.”

The hills are alive … with the sound of knobbies … Jorge makes the best of his business trip.

An hour before this, I was sitting at a desk thinking of the most efficient way to kill myself. All better now!

Right now, Jorge *LOVES* Backshop loan origination software.

I have a rule: Any time I see the ocean, I have to get in it. What a great little adventure.

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