This season’s first big adventure

I’m about leave for two weeks of action. After six months at home, I’m stressed out but excited.

Thursday: Drive west. Hopefully avoid the snow storm.

Friday: XC ride in Fruita? Drive to Vegas.

Saturday: Drive to O.C. Visit the parental units.

Sunday: Drive to NorCal. Hang with Brandon Sloan. Try not to mention he’s never beaten me in the Sea Otter DH.

Monday: FOX Racing Shox press camp day 1. Learn about the new goods.

Tuesday: FOX Racing Shox press camp day 2. Ride the new goods.

Wednesday: Arrive at Sea Otter. Set up camp, walk the courses.

Thursday: DH practice!

Friday: DH practice! Cheer on my buds in the amateur slalom.

Saturday: Dual slalom! Qualify in the middle of semibro, go a couple rounds.

Sunday: Race downhill. Mid pack in semibro. Drive to Marin.

Monday: Show the bald brute of Marin how to ride a pump track. First Invitational Pump Track World Championships!

Tuesday: Start driving east.

Wednesday: Drive, drive, drive. Ah … home!

If you see me at the Otter, say hi. Red jersey with leelikesbikes on the back.


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  1. leelikesbikes says:

    My parents live in Lake Forest (I grew up in Bitchen Viejo). I hope to ride Aliso-Woods or thereabouts on Sunday. I’ll check email Saturday, so if you want to ride …

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ll be at the Sea Otter. I’m flying down from Southern B.C. and entering my first DH race ever (I’m 16). I love your book. Hope to see you there. (i’m the one on the Brodie Hellion)

  3. cole from nebraska says:

    Hay man have a blast and stop being a wussy. Put all that training to use and just rock it…

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