The original mountain man workout

We just got about two feet of wet, heavy snow here at the house. While that storm cut into my teaching and riding, it did get me five hours of full-body workout action.

I love shoveling snow. It builds integrated stability, strength and endurance. And it’s outside. And I don’t have to do it all the time. (I once dug holes as a full time job, and that sucked!)

Snow shoveling offers myriad variations depending on the snowpack, your terrain and your tools, but basically:

– Push until shovel is full.

– Pull or lift until shovel is free.

– Twist, carry, pull or push to dropoff point.

– Toss, turn over or upend the contents of your shovel.

– Do this until you’re exhausted.

– Keep going until A) the snow is gone or B) your wife calls you in for dinner.

– If B, resume in the morning.

Clearing the driveway for today. Building core strength for the summer …

— Lee

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