The death of print? Not yet!

MMBSii early sales numbers are in.

Months it’s taken to exceed the first-year sales target: 3

Ratio of print books to ebooks: 200 to 1

I’m proud of the first stat. I’m surprised at the second one.

I guess you don’t leave your iPad on the back of your toilet.

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  1. Nicola says:

    Just one? That has to be me then. I’m as surprised as you at the result. Ebook version is fantastic plus I didn’t have to wait for the paper version to be delivered. While I was waiting for it to finish downloading I also had time to laugh at your adventures with the twins!

    Keep rippin!


  2. Tyler says:

    But for certain ‘important and definitive’ books it just feels like one needs a hard copy….it’s sort of like the ‘bible’ of biking.

  3. Farid says:

    DUDE –

    You published TWO books. Both are bad a and sales are rocking!

    You are raising TWO infants. Both are bad a and rock!

    AND you are riding faster then ever. You are a true PINNER!!!

  4. Alex says:

    @ Nicola

    That was the RATIO of print books to ebooks, not the total number of each that he sold (at least I hope not). I’m pretty sure he’s sold more than 200 copies of his book.

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