The 29er experiment begins in earnest

OK, OK. After last weekend’s Texas high school MTB coaching adventures on a Specialized Camber 29, I see why so many people are moving from 26- to 29-inch wheels.

Last weekend the 29s made the rough trails smoother, and they helped me battle the technical climbs with way fitter/stronger riders. The question is, would a 29er suit me in general? I know there’s a mathematical pump disadvantage, and I’m not sure about cornering. Plus, something about the bigger wheels just freaks me out. I’m being honest here; everything’s gonna change, right?

Hence this experiment. Specialized sales rep extraordinaire Jason Emmanuel has loaned me his personal Stumpy Comp 29. I have it for about a week, and I plan to wring it out as much as work, family and snow allow.

Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29, with upgraded wheels and cranks, and my seatpost, pedals and stem. I will also install a wider bar, so the feet-to-hands relationship will be identical to my Mighty Stumpy (26).

Graffiti by my 2-year-old Fiona. She is a genius.

This should be interesting. Thanks Jason!


Know more. Have more fun!

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