Sweet: Possum Town Pump Track

Hey Lee,
It all started with your write up in Dirt Rag Mag. Ordering your Pump Track Nation E-Book and then having 15 cubic yards of dirt dumped in the backyard. At 1st I was wondering about what I have gotten myself into. WOW, was it a lot of hard work. The town where we live is nick-named “Possum Town.” So that’s how I came up with the odd name “Possum Town Pump Track.”
Derrick in Columbus, Mississippi

What a pretty little pump track. It’s based on a design in Welcome to Pump Track Nation.

Rocking some maintenance with the home made tamper. This looks better than my big, square tamper — you can bash into into a berm without messing up the perfect curves.

That, my friends, is a beautiful berm. Radius = 9 feet.

Pine straw protects the track from heavy rains. Smart.

Time to ride!

More photos here: http://iplaytoomuch.textamerica.com

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