See no winter, hear no winter, speak no winter

Sure, it snowed over a foot earlier this week. But it’s been sunny for the past few days, and our boy Gregor is visiting from New York City. Snow be damned; we had to check out the trails.

Left Hand Canyon OHV area is close to home and relatively low elevation. The dirt was moist and tasty — the rocks and roots, not so tasty. And the patches of snow — raise your pinkies off the bar and have yourself a tea party. Nice and easy …

On a day with good traction, the tasty line goes straight over the rocks. Today was a day for the low line.

The crew: Gregor, [me], Sacha and Alex. That red dot is my neighborhood. Livin’ the Colorado Promise, baby!

Gregor rolls down from the top, engine brake in effect. On a DH bike, this trail is SICK!

Death rock: Sacha rolled over, stuffed his wheel and did a slow OTB cartwheel, ending up pinned under the Austrian beast (his KTM, that is).

Sacha back up and rolling. Rocks? What rocks?

Gregor works the clutch, front brake, rear brake and throttle like the experienced road racer he is. This is his second ride on this KTM 525SX.

Patches of snow? What patches of snow?

As the Downhill Boy of the group, it’s my job to test all steep drop-ins. The pitch itself wasn’t bad, but …

… you really want to make this turn.

Gregor styles it on Alex’s bike.

What a sweet day.

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