Superior Bike Park build: Day 7

Another great volunteer turnout. All features are riding well. The park is 99% final (a week ahead of schedule!).

Props and photos:

This week we’ll make refinements. This Saturday we’ll run a public tamping session in the morning, then rock the official opening in the afternoon.

Huge thanks to:

• The Town of Superior. They provided everything we needed (donuts!), plus the dignitaries worked like dogs.

• Nick Simcik and Jerad Fischer. These guys did a great job translating my design to dirt, plus they added their own flair. Awesome work.

• The Wife. The more I work away from home, the more she works at home. Everything I do, she makes possible.

Let’s make this thing perfect, then RIP IT!

Snapshots with the phone:

Working on the beginner area.

Some rode. Some worked. Tamping the main start hill.

Kids were ALL OVER this.

The mini pump track is surprisingly quick. I get going faster and faster until I get flung off.

The beginner flow track is very rollable and fully jumpable. The main issue: Carrying too much speed back up the start hill. Good problem to have. We’re making the start hill bigger.

Overview of the expert area. Flow line around the outside, pump track in the middle.

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Matt Davis says:


    AWESOME WICKED PARK. Totally love it and am going to use this design for the track in my yard. I bought the book previously, so don’t worry (HAHAHA). I got the ok from my wife to do it, how awesome is that.
    On a side note, we are in the planning stages of building a bike park here in Albuquerque at the old BMX tack. A different organization is building and designing it, but it is going to get built which is the important part. Thanks for all your articles.

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