Superior Bike Park build: Day 6

Awesome group work day today. We’re doing it again tomorrow. Bring your bike!

Not accomplished today

Taking photos. I was so pinned, the thought never occurred to me. I can’t believe I didn’t take a minute to shoot the workers swarming all over the park. Bummer!

Accomplished today

Lots of great work by lots of great folks:

• Got the expert flow line running. Super fun. Nick Simcik was jumping everything. The rest of us need the line to be more burned in. Tomorrow.

• Got the mini pump track running. Dude, this thing is great. It’s tiny but fast. The world’s first municipal mini pump track built to Pump Track Nation standards.

• Got the expert pump track burned in. Nick was railing it. Kids were loving it.

• Tamped most of the non-riding surfaces in the expert area.


I’d say we’re about 80 percent finished with the project. Tomorrow:

• Finish packing the non-riding surfaces in the expert area. Backs of berms, sides of jumps.

• Dial in the expert flow line. Round out the camel.

• Dial in the mini pump track. Bolster the backs of the berms. Tamp like crazy.

• Shape the beginner flow line. Rollers and small tables, baby.

Come help!

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 13), we’ll do some work and a lot of riding. Burning in the lines is part of the job. Bring a bike.

Here’s the dig-day announcement from volunteer coordinator Aaron Atwell:

— — —

The time is near, the dirt awaits your efforts, our park is calling you!

Our first big volunteer build day is this weekend 3/12/11 & 3/13/11, From 9:00 – 5:00
Under the expert guidance of Lee McCormack from Lee Likes Bikes we’ll be forming pump tracks, building jumps, and completing the very important task of getting the rocks out! Show up when you can – people will be coming and going so a consistent flow of help will keep us digging for the whole day. We’ll have some food and drinks provided by local businesses as well as some excellent prizes!

Important Items for our work – please bring any that you have (don’t worry if you don’t have tools we have extra!);

• Flat shovel – spade will do
• Rake
• Wheelbarrow – 5 gallon buckets will work as well – there are many rocks to be removed!
• Push broom
• Hoe
• Gloves to protect the hands during hard work
• Bikes – part of the compaction process involves watering and riding the track – Lee said riding will be happening this weekend!

I’ll have balloons out to mark where we’re working so people can see it from Rock Creek Pkwy.
Here’s a link to a map: ttp://

All you hard cores – we all know it’s going to be a weekend of good riding weather – we still need you!

Best riding regards!

Aaron Atwell

— — —

Community braaap!!!

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