Study finding of the day: Feb. 23, 2009

I have lots of cool stuff for y’all, but I am so pinned with work it’s just ridiculous. At least I’m writing about Specialized bikes today. Ran into this gem:

Competitive road cyclists report safer driving behavior than drivers who have no cycling experience.

– Martha, C., and P. Delhomme, 2008, “Risk comparative judgment while driving a car among competitive road cyclists and non-cyclists”

— — —

Makes sense to me.

1) Cyclists are more conscious of the dangers of bad driving — especially if they’ve been hit by cars. I’ve been nailed three times. Wrecked bikes but no injuries. God loves the fool!

2) If you’re pinning it on your bike, you don’t need to drive like an idiot. Nothing like a little braaap to quiet the demons.

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