Speaking of pump tracks at schools …

In comments for Save the pump track at Clayton Middle School in Salt Lake City, Teacher Jeff Zook hinted a campus pump track might interfere with class time — but imagine the teaching opportunities.

Jeff Says April 29, 2011 @ 7:18 am

It is in my best interest that we do not have a pump track at our school. I can see it now…

Mr. Zook – “Ok class, if we finish this lesson we can go out to the pump track for the remainder of the day.”

Class – “But it is only 8:30.”

Mr. Zook – “Good you can tell time too, pump track all week!”


Math: OK class, we need to build a new pump line around the school grounds. Let’s calculate how much dirt we’ll need.

Geology: Let’s figure out the best dirt composition, then based on the natural history of this region, figure out where to find the dirt.

Physics: OK class, given a speed of X and an average G tolerance of Y, what’s the optimal turn radius?

English: Express how rad pump tracks are. You have 20 minutes and 100 words. No prepositional phrases allowed. Go!

Civics: Let’s convince the city to build a pump track in that empty lot.

Shop: Let’s build SICK pump track bikes! Shortest chainstays while adhering to Shimano drivetrain specs gets extra credit.

And on and on.

Saving the world, one pump track at a time.

— Lee

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