Save the pump track at Clayton Middle School in Salt Lake City

This just in from the Pump Track Nation. If you live in SLC (or even, I suppose, if you don’t), please consider passing this note along to the mayor.


Clayton Middle School has a pump track that is going be removed because someone thinks it’s a bad idea. We need to save this valuable community resource. You can help us by cut and pasting the letter below and putting your signature on it and sending it the Salt Lake City Mayor. The email address is

Thanks so much for helping the community,

Shawn Carter (April 27, 2011)

Honorable Mayor Becker,

It is with urgent concern that I write you today. A valuable community resource is going to be lost if we don’t take immediate action.

Some of the students at Clayton Middle School have built a pump track as a community project. This was done with the schools permission. The head of groundkeeping is adamantly against this wonderful kids resource and they are threatening the school administration and going to tear out the pump track.

Under your leadership this community has increased its bicycle friendly efforts and spent a great deal of energy improving things for bikers. There has been a lack of development of non paved bicycle resources and when the community destroys valuable resources such as the Clayton Middle School pump track it demonstrates a lack of awareness of the communities biking issues.

Park City has a pump tracks at most of their schools for the kids to use during recess. If we want to be perceived as a progressive bike community we should not be destoying resources that other communities are paying money for.

The students that built that track put in countless hours of time and energy as well as lending valuable skills in its development. What kind of message are we sending our kids when we destroy their hard work so someone can have their grass to water.

I urge you to contact the Principal of Clayton Middle School, Linda Richins, and discuss options with her as the grounds folks are intending to destroy this community resource within days if not today.

If you are not sure what a pump track is here is a short video of the Clayton track as it was being constructed.



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