Sorry, too pinned to post, but …

… I did scratch a short trail into my yard. It’s short, steep and very technical. And it’s lined by cactus.

Yesterday I rode 30 laps for about 60 minutes. Awesome fun so close to home.

Today I spent most of the day at The Wife’s hair salon (she’s supposed to be on bed rest, so I had to wife-sit). Tonight I squeezed in a short session on the home trail. I blew a turn and rolled it out — right through a cactus patch!

The Wife just spent 90 minutes pulling needles from my butt. The joys of marriage.

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  1. Simcik says:

    Too bad we did not get that as a sequence, that was a perfect bail/roll out, you did also manage to get the cactus in the body part with the most flesh and fewest nerves, so that was much better than on the hands or elsewhere

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