Sneak peak: Giant pump sesh #1

Last night’s Giant Bicycles pump-athon at the Keystone Stables rocked! Expect a full report after Thursday’s session. For now:

Giant is having its 2010 dealer event at Keystone. Last night’s entertainment was cowboy grub and Pump Track Nation.

Photos and video grabs courtesy of my brother in law, Dvon Barlow. Thanks man!

Giant pro Heath Pinter manuals the back straight. The guy in the jersey … that’s Perry Kramer, the P.K. in P.K. Ripper.

Emily seems to show up everywhere. Hey kids, wear your helmets.

Jake is Giant’s corporate photographer. A good rider and good dude. Here he tries an alternate line in the big 180.

This section has nice flow, which makes big smiles.

You can RAIL this turn! I rarely get aggressive with a strange bike, but the new STP feels great.

Heath finesses the left/right transition.

Sweet! Sorry about the low-res video grab.

MTB legend Jeff Lenosky shows us how it’s done.

Heath with some sweet BMX style. Heath sessioning a BIG jump.

People were asking me, “Did you mean to ride the red line?” Yikes. No.

Soon after this photo was made, I was asked to stow the P.3 and ride a Giant. I spent good time on an STP, a Method 24 and a Method 20, and they were all very nice. More details to come.

More pump track love on Thursday. Stay tuned.

— Lee

Building the Pony Pee Pump Track

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. dylan says:

    Tears come to my eyes knowing that this fine creation of yours will soon be gone. That track looks flipping sweet.

  2. pete says:

    Ya- I wonder why Keystone and Giant didn’t build it somewhere where they could keep it for the public at the bike park. When I asked a giant guy about it he replied “its a private track” as he brushed me off. Not to rain on the parade but it sucks that cool stuff like this is built AT a bike park and then torn down. Maybe there is a reason but I can’t figure it out?

  3. leelikesbikes says:


    I too was wondering about this, but now I have some insight.

    – It was a full evening of entertainment, with dinner, beers, bonfire, music and the pump track (under the lights!). The stables is the place to do that.

    – The track has to be removed because the horse ring is used for pony rides and the occasional rodeo.

    – But: The ponies can walk around the track, and there hasn’t been a rodeo in a long while. We’re lobbying hard for the track to stay. Jeff the stables boss (whose son is a gravity racer) has asked his bosses. We’re waiting to hear back.

    Tonight is the second and last pump party. If we’re not told to keep the track, we’ll remove it tomorrow.

    Hoping for good weather. Looking forward to helping everyone rip. Excited to ride that track.

  4. Chris says:


    That is some track, amazing work!! Any further review on the STP? I am in the market and the STP 0 or 1 has me intrigued….


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