Shortening my shock

Hi Lee-

In your latest write up (which is great BTW) you mention your 2003 Enduro has a different length shock that lowers the bb height. What length is it? Where does it put the head angle and BB height? May I ask why you did it?


Hey Scott.

  Stock Mine
Shock length 7.625″ 7.375″
Head angle 69 deg. 68 deg.
BB height 13.2″ 12.5″

I used to live near Santa Cruz, where the trails are every fast and flowy. The low BB made the bike flick from side to side more easily and rail corners like nobody’s business. The slacker head angle made the bike very stable at speed, like a mini downhill bike. (The angles and heights are approximate, with the Fox Talas dialed out to five inches. Shock: Fox AVA with ProPedal.)

This setup is a bit of a handful on technical climbs and slow corners, but it rips on fast, flowy singletrack.

Oh yes.

— Lee

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