Shimano Zee is gonna hook some groms

My love for Shimano began when, at 10 years old, I begged for and received a Shimano MLZ-10 ultralight spinning reel. That thing ran smooth as butter, and it had a huge Teflon drag washer that could beat 10-pound fish on 2-pound line. I rocked that reel all over the place — including Baja where we took on yellowtail, dorado and small tuna. That mini reel could do anything.

When, as a young adult, I became a serious saltwater angler, the Shimano reels were just killing the competition. They were faster, stronger, ran smoother and required less maintenance. Sort of like their bike stuff.

Shimano is about to hook a bunch of groms with its new Zee value-priced gravity group.

Whoever is running this show at Shimano is a genius. You know the Zee parts are going to work well — and kids who get hooked on Shimano are likely to stay with Shimano.

I rarely fish these days, but my old Shimano reels are always ready to go — and I will never buy another brand.

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