Sea Otter Adventure 2010: Day 7

Good thing I rested yesterday, because today required 10+ hours of working (and a bit of riding too).

Please forgive the exhausted writing style. Look at the photos.

The rain has passed (I hope, I pray), and the pro pump track track is extra dialed.

This morning I pulled back the tarps to find a dry riding surface. Some creative shovel- and broom-work emptied the surrounding puddles. Alex Fowler, Jason Carroll and I worked around the track fine-tuning things and cleaning up the edges for that pro look.

I’ve never worked on a pump track that required this level of pro-ness. It’s already sweet, but I’ll keep refining it ’til race day. The track is getting faster and faster; a good lap is about eight seconds. Like bull riding.

At around 5 p.m. it was time to start riding in the lines. Alex, Jason and I were happy to oblige, plus Alaine came out from Specialized.

We all had a great time trying options and dialing up the speed. So far Alex (a single A BMX pro) is the world pump track champ. I’m a few tenths behind.

Grr. I’m feeling tired and dull, and I know I’m not riding the way I know how to. Hopefully I’ll get some rest before Friday’s qualifiers. I don’t expect to beat the world’s best, but I do expect to ride my best. And how cool would it be to race with Hannah, Fairclough, Peaty, Graves and the rest?

Whew. I need an IV.

But wait, there’s more:

Jason works the turns. Not everyone can rock this section.

Me, crushing my bike into the berm so I can pick up for the exit roller. The grimace … not sure it helps.

Alex, bathed in the divine light of pump track love.

Me again, sucking up the entrance roller to generate a truly astounding braaaap. I should be lower.

Jason’s grimace actually helps.

Tomorrow: Register for DS and DH (if I can fit them in; the pump track is priority #1). More track refinements. More water. More packing. More riding. More water. More packing …

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  1. Scott Schlachter says:

    Yo Lee – so totally cool what you’re doing out there! Thanks for all of the photos and updates (including the DS track – seem to be the only spy photos on the net of this years course). Your grimace strikes fear into the hearts of pump-tracks.

  2. Tom says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to double in and double out of the S berms? From the angle in the picture it looks like it might be possible.
    Oh and this track looks amazing by the way.

  3. gerhardt says:

    i must rebuild that looks so rad.
    how big was your build area?
    you can at least share that.
    give me that and the dimensions and I’ll prepay for that book as well I want to rebuild now that thing is so inspiring.

  4. trailking26 says:

    Ditto. Our new beginner line is advancing upon the (soon to be)new pumptrack and I’m gonna need that book too!

  5. Brian says:

    You need to turn off the hose because it is leaking and all the water is going to where people are going to be standing to watch.
    The track sure looks good.

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